The Mind Behind

Hello! Welcome! I am one of the thousands of wedding photographers that exist. You might be wondering, why Jordan? What makes working with her different than others?

In the iconic words of Elyse Myers, "Great question. I would love to tell you."

visuals first.

Curating an artistic vision in that effortless, candid way.

I strive to create an environment that feels so relaxed you almost forget we are taking photos at all! Everything I guide you to do will result in these dreamy, magical, romantic, candid feeling photos that look like they should published in every wedding and couple magazine on Earth.

Your photos aren't a paycheck to me.

They Are Art.

Everything I do, not just in my business but in my personal life, too, is art and visual design focused. I care deeply and passionately about curating aesthetically pleasing photos, moments, home decor, etc. etc. You get the point. I'm a tried and true Enneagram 4 Wing 3 that is hopelessly trapped in my "romanticize your life" era, and I bring that creative energy to every session I shoot, whether it's a wedding or a stand-alone session.

I think of your wedding or portrait gallery like a cohesive body of art. It should all flow naturally, be unified in style but have a variety of poses, shooting styles, and lighting scenarios, and be desirable to print, display, and share in a way that isn't...well...~cringey~. You will almost never just be standing and smiling at the camera. Here, we go beyond the standard to create something captivating. Your photos will feel like a frozen moment in time captured by a fly on the wall.

Photo Philosophy - The Wheeler Photo

Posing: I will always tell you what to do with your hands, where to tilt your face, if you need to be smiling or serious... but most importantly, i will help curate a fun, comfortable environment that lends itself to those naturally candid moments that look as effortless as they feel.

next: mastery of craft...

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