Photography was not the plan.

I bought my first camera on a whim. I was sitting backstage at my job in the summer of 2018. The work day was slow, so I was on my computer, waiting for the rehearsal we were working to end. Thanks to my poor self-control and online shopping habits, I decided right then to buy my first camera. It was a Nikon D3400, a basic, entry level camera, but it definitely got me started in the right direction.​

I quickly started to learn, experiment and fall in love with the artistry of it. I took a film photography class soon after that where I learned all of the basics of camera mechanics, and the rest has been on my own! 

I have been booking sessions since the fall of 2018. Since then I have photographed more sessions than I could count, including birthday parties, family portraits, acting and professional headshots, holidays, weddings, graduations, engagements, and more. My camera lives on my hip and I am constantly seeking to learn and improve to better serve my clients. The journey truly never ends and it is a joy to keep exploring!

Girl smiling softly with her eyes clothes in an all white room


Where I'm from depends on how you ask. I was born in New Orleans, LA, but spent most of my life in Columbia, SC. I lived in Birmingham, AL sometime early on, too, but for our purposes, let's just say I'm from Columbia.

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