late-Summer mini sessions 08.13.23

late-Summer mini sessions 08.13.23

The Art Direction

Minimal, Editorial, Romantic.

Classic, minimal, natural light studio minis for all occasions.  Get branding, couple, wedding, bridal, or family photos during a 30 minute photo session. This is perfect for a neutral gallery that will be full of colors that work in any and every environment and won't go out of style as your home, your brand, or your taste changes over the years.

For 30 minutes, we create 30 unique, creative, jaw-dropping photos that bring a timeless, neutral touch to your home and your feed.  We explore editorial, candid, and documentary style photography that you'll be desperate to print and archive on your walls for the rest of time. Be it a wedding photo do-over or a couple's session just for fun, this experience encapsulates everything you're wanting from a minimalistic yet creative photo gallery. Not to mention, though short and sweet, it will be an experience you'll never forget.

The vendors

Selah Floral Collective

Minimal greenery with white accents.

Selah Floral collective is one of my favorite local artists. Their organic, unique designs are the perfect touch to the minimal, romantic scenery we are working with during these mini sessions.

White Wall Studio

natural light, large windows, blank slate.

the possibilities are endless in this unique, minimal, industrial warehouse space. Tall ceilings, large windows, and blank white walls are the perfect recipe for an environment that lends itself to gorgeous, timeless photos.

your investment - $275

The Break Down.

Mini sessions might seem like they aren't worth the investment. $275 for 30 minutes can feel like a rip-off to some, but I can promise the value you will receive will be worth every penny. included in your total of $275 is the following:

  • 30 minutes of creative shooting.
  • studio rental fee.
  • multiple colored backdrops.
  • delicate florals designed by selah floral collective.
  • a hand crafted archway backdrop.
  • (5) 4" x 6" high quality giclee prints of your choosing.
  • full gallery delivery within 2 weeks of the shoot date.
  • 30 unique photos from your experience.

inquire about available times below


What is the dress code?

The fanciness of the attire is totally dependent on you. I'm cool with casual all the way to formal, as long as the colors are within the neutral palette seen throughout my work. I will send a style guide to everyone who books in order to help direct you efficiently.

May I propose during the mini session?

My services to assist you in planning your proposal would be added in addition to the mini session fee, but you are more than welcome if you're comfortable paying for that additional service.

How will I know if I got a spot?

All time slots are first come first serve based on the timestamp on your contact form. I ask that you give up to 3 different times you're available, so that you have the best potential for securing a spot. Once you've inquired, you can expect an emailed proposal with your contract and invoice within 72 hours following your inquiry.

Change of plans, I can't make it. Can i postpone my mini session to a later date?

I only offer mini sessions on mini session designated dates, and since these are happening in a studio and with other vendors, I cannot postpone this session as is. I will, however, allow your $275 to be used as a credit towards booking of a different session in the future up to 1 year following the payment date.

What can I expect from the experience?

You pick the music to set the vibe when you arrive, and from there, we will laugh, play, chat, and hang out! The way I curate my photos is by creating an environment and experience that feels natural, comfortable, and friendly, My goal is to help you relax and feel like yourself while I happen to have a camera ready, looking to capture raw, candid moments.

What is the ideal color palette

Beige, Black, White, Tan, Olive Green, Forrest Green, Brown.

Are dogs welcome?

Usually I would be all for it, but since we are in a rental space, pets are not allowed this time around.

What is the payment plan?

Since the session is so close, I require the session be paid in full up front to secure your booking. This payment is non-refundable.

I'm using these as branding photos for my business, what rights do I have to use them on my website, portfolio, or otherwise?

You have printing and publishing rights of the photos as long as I am clearly credited as the photographer and editor of the photos. On social media I must be mentioned in the caption as well as visibly tagged on the first photo if or if not posted in a sequence. If being used on a website or other platform, I require the images be credited by using my business name as a watermark in the corner or a caption below it. I can provide watermarked images.

These images may not be used for a profit in any way without the written consent of The Wheeler Photo, LLC.

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