I am so glad you're here! Graduation is one of the most pivotal moments of your life, and I am here to capture these moments right before you take the next big step in your journey.

As a recent college graduate, I look back on my own college graduation photos with such fondness. I see them and remember the excitement I felt about starting my first job, the fears I had about doing typical adulting things on my own, the bittersweetness of the memories I'd made coming to an end. I remember all of the times I walked across Library Bridge at Clemson, praying I would make it to class on time because I chose to go get Starbucks first. I remember the afternoons during the first warm days of spring when everyone grabs towels and blankets and flocks the amphitheater to enjoy the warmth and sunshine. Even looking back at my high school graduation photos, I see how far I've come and how much I've learned, like the fact that over plucked eyebrows are not cute, and standing posed against a tree with a guitar makes me look like a country singer and that is NOT the vibe.

All of this to be said, this moment is really important. It marks a turning point in your life where everything, including yourself, is about to change. It's like a time capsule that captures who you were right before you moved on to the next big chapter. That's where I come in.

Let's get together and freeze this moment, soak it all in, and celebrate all of your accomplishments! I would be honored to take part in this monumental time in your life.

Congratulations, 2021 Grads! Get out there and KILL IT!