Newly-weds turned model thanks to Lost Collective!

Esther + Tim are newly weds who were wedding clients of my photographer friend Samantha Grigg Photography. She hired them to model for a content day hosted by Lost Collective in Asheville, NC!


-Lost Collective-

Lost Collective organized a content day in Asheville that took place on June 12, 2021. They rented a modern, minimal Airbnb in the foothills of Asheville and hired two sets of models. Photographers bought tickets to practice posing and build portfolios with well designed content. Content day's are a GREAT resource for photographers to learn from each other and gain content that reflects their ideal work!


More on Content Days...

I know sometimes people get nervous about seeing so many photographers doing different styled sessions and feel like they can't differentiate "real content" from styled content. But allow me to explain it a little differently.

Imagine you're looking to book a photographer, but none of the photos, decor, models, clothing, etc. feel relatable to you. What if you're planning a modern boho themed wedding, but the photographer you're considering doesn't have any content in their portfolio that reflects that style. As a photographer, it is difficult to book clients when your content lacks enough variety to reach a wider audience. Doing styled content isn't "fake content"; it's intent is to display what your photos could look like if you were to design a wedding or session in that particular style.

Additionally, take your photographer doing content day as a sign that they are constantly striving to learn and grow! Styled shoots and content days are not cheap, but they are a worthwhile investment because it's a great opportunity to practicing and experiment with posing. This ultimately will make them a better photographer for your session! It's like an athlete having to train, the more they practice, the better they get. Practice really does make perfect, so don't be afraid of that "fake" content. It's intent is to reflect their work over a particular style of setting, and hopefully, attract you as a similar styled client.